Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society review – Conspiracy of Silence

Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society
Volume 100 Issue 1 (Jun 2014)

The conspiracy of silence: Queensland’s frontier killing times
Bennett, Michael

Abstract: Review(s) of: The conspiracy of silence: Queensland’s frontier killing times, by Timothy Bottoms, Allen and Unwin, Crows Nest NSW, 2013, xxv + 258 pages; ISBN 978 1 74331 382 4.

Dr. Tim Signed for History of Cape York

Dr Tim and Cape York Partnership’s Communication Manager, Jimi Bostock, after signing Tim on as Historian for CYP to research & write a history of Cape York. Thursday 30 June 2016.


BOOK SIGNING: Collins Bookshop Cairns

BOOK SIGNING: Cairns Books at Cairns Central

CAIRNS EYE – 16 June 2016

MEDIA RELEASE – 3 June 2016

The History of CAIRNS has been nominated for the 2016 Queensland Literary Award.

‘CAIRNS, City of the South Pacific, A History 1770-1995’ written by local author, Dr Tim Bottoms, has been nominated for the Premiers Award for ‘a work of state significance’.

The 600 page book has enjoyed outstanding reviews, with renowned Australian historian, Professor Henry Reynolds […]

THE AUSTRALIAN: Cairns history: a northern star is born

In mid-July 1876, sub-collector of Customs Brinsley Guise Sheridan set out from Cardwell, sailed his sleek pilot cutter up the Queensland coast, rounded Cape Grafton and put in at a muddy, unprepossessing river-mouth. Mangrove creeks, an open stretch of forest country: was this really the ideal port site for the new goldfields of the mid-northern […]


Dr Timothy Bottoms author of Conspiracy of Silence, Queensland’s frontier killing times (Allen & Unwin 2013) reflects on the 2015 Anzac march in Canberra

In early 2015 I was invited to go to Canberra to talk about the frontier wars in colonial Queensland at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy. My host was Graeme Dunstan from Graeme […]

ABC RN BIG IDEAS: Conspiracy of Silence: Queensland’s frontier killing times

Tonight we talk about killing times. Cairns-based historian Timothy Bottoms has drawn a new map of Queensland, that places many more sites of massacres of Aboriginal people into the story than have ever been acknowledged before. And while he argues that this is a story of deep silences, what he demonstrates is how public and […]