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ABC RN BIG IDEAS: Conspiracy of Silence: Queensland’s frontier killing times

Tonight we talk about killing times. Cairns-based historian Timothy Bottoms has drawn a new map of Queensland, that places many more sites of massacres of Aboriginal people into the story than have ever been acknowledged before. And while he argues that this is a story of deep silences, what he demonstrates is how public and […]

ABC RADIO NATIONAL The Drawing Room : Queensland’s Secret History

Wednesday 12 June 2013 7:40PM

In the Drawing Room, we speak to the author of The Conspiracy of Silence, the first systematic account of frontier violence in Queensland. Historian Timothy Bottoms follows in the tracks of the pastoralists as they moved across the state in the 19th century. He identifies massacres, poisonings and other incidents, and […]

CAAMA RADIO: Frontier history revisted with new research

A Queensland based historian has branded the pioneering myth of the early white settlers as a lie. In his book Conspiracy of Silence, Doctor Timothy Bottoms claims that Australia has been let down by historians.

Dr Timothy Bottoms

Interview: Paul Wyles, CAAMA Radio

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